“Safety 4.0 Solutions” product range, that combines the digital and physical world, aims health and safety improvements in terms of maximum human and machine compatibility with the help of integrating the principles of Industry 4.0 into Health and Safety field. Waste no time in contacting us to try our exciting products for a safer future.


FIREX can detect fire by image processing technology supported by artificial intelligence and it can be integrated into your surveillance system to prevent fire at high ceiling depots, critically important labs and outdoor areas with no smoke sensor.


Meganova’s Collision Avoidance Systems can improve your collusion preventive actions effectiveness by IoT Systems that prevent collisions between work equipment and employees or collisions between work equipment in blind spots.

VR Applıcatıons

We help you make your Health and Safety operations more cost and time effective with simulations and trainings regarding your needs by using Virtual Reality Technology.